Current members of the Bad Monkeys group

These great Bad Monkeys have contributed to the community in many different ways. Marcello has taught at, and spoken at more conferences that one could imagine possible. He’s not only spoken at various events, but also has taken home the “best speaker” award more than 10 times already. Andreas might not frequent the forums as often as he used to, but that doesn’t mean he’s not working for you. He’s still the sole creator and maintainer of the most popular Dynamo Package – Clockwork. He’s created hundreds of custom nodes, and all in order to make life easier for other Dynamo users. Adam, prefers to stay out of the limelight, so to speak. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally drop a bomb of a package like DynaWorks or more recently Gorilla. There are of course the Bad Monkeys that never sleep: Dimitar and Konrad. You might ask a forum question and these two will squash it in no time, while also creating and maintaining an array of packages like Spring Nodes, Archi-lab, Bumblebee, Mantis Shrimp or recently added Mandrill. You can find Brian over at the Grasshopper side of the world, or recording podcasts with his mates over at Designalyze. Least but not last, there are Julien and Havard – our European chapter monkeys. You can thank these two for bringing you Steam Nodes and Dynanimator packages.

Dynamo Packages

Bad Monkey Packages

With almost 180,000 package downloads, the Bad Monkeys packages are easily some of the most popular and sought after commodity for Dynamo users. Our package downloads count for the total of 44% of all Dynamo package downloads. We address a full spectrum of user needs from Revit API enhancements to all sorts of interoperability issues. If you can't find a component that suits your needs in Dynamo, chances are that Bad Monkeys have already written it, just go to Package Manager and search for it.

Of All Package Downloads


Clockwork is easily the most popular Dynamo package. It contains mostly Revit API nodes, but also list management, math, string operations, geometric operations and paneling. 360+ nodes in all!


Archi-lab is a collection of practical nodes for everyday use. It contains mostly Revit API related functionality, but also some List management, CSV parsing and even Analysis nodes.

Steam Nodes

This package is a widely popular source of any link, assembly and group related functionality within Revit API. Steam Nodes is a great source of Python wisdom, just crack those custom nodes open and begin learning.


This package allows you to easily and with great deal of control interoperate with Excel. Using Dynamo you can now read and write your data to and from Excel without hassle.

Mantis Shrimp

This is an interoperability package. It allows you to transfer data and geometry between Dynamo, Rhino and Grasshopper. It's an essential part of any designers toolbelt.


This is a beauty of a practical package directly addressing Dynamo's shortcomings in the MEP area. This package contains nodes that create MEP objects, systems and routing.


Mandrill is a data visualization package powered by D3.js, one of the most popular and powerful charting libraries. Mandrill allows you to create beautiful and compelling charts without a need to be a JavaScript pro.

Spring Nodes

This is easily one of the most sophisticated packages out there. Spring Nodes provides help with some of the most challenging parts of the Revit API like Direct Shapes or Family Instances and geometry related functionality. Grab it while it's hot!


DynaWorks is one of the most essential packages that every BIM Manager should have. It's an interoperability package between Dynamo and Navisworks that gives you an enormous control over your clash detection workflow.